Launch a robo in an instant

With our "Robo-in-a-Box" solution, you can go to market with a best-in-class robo advisor in rapid time.

Drive new revenue

Whether it’s launching a brand new service or modernizing your existing platform, penetrate new market segments with digital wealth products.

All inclusive

All the expertise and tools required to enable your wealth program. Integrate your own wealth manager and financial products or use our optional investment manager.

Plug & play

Our turn-key white label platform enables you to get to market, in your brand, in a matter of just a few weeks.

Feature Highlights

Financial Planning Tools

From goals-based investing to automated tax-loss-harvesting, a higher level of engagement with your customers will lead to greater satisfaction and retention.

Portfolio Themes

Empower your customers to be able to have a say in how their assets are managed without having to know anything about investing. By giving them a feeling of being involved you end up with highly engaged customers.

Fractional Shares

Lower minimum account size requirements means improved market capture and accessibility, while preserving the economics.

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