Add wealth management to your offering

Expand your product offering to include a highly reliable, revenue-generating channel

New service, same experience

Build upon your existing user journey by embedding wealth management alongside your other services.

New revenue channel

Diversify your revenue channels without any of the financial, operational and regulatory challenges of building a wealth program in house.

Easy integration

Launch a new offering without the technical overhead of a usual product launch by utilizing easy to use integration methods.

Feature Higlights

Multiple Delivery Options

Launch wealth with whichever delivery options works best for you; directly integrated into your app via API, using pre-built web widgets, or offering a standalone white label-app.

Simple Internal User Management

Track all your users and their behaviour in one centralized platform. Empower all your teams; from marketing to customer support, with the user data they need to drive growth and delight customers.

Infinitely Scalable

A platform that grows with your business. Service all of your customers, no matter how many, with an amazing, yet simple wealth management experience.

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