Client management redefined

Easily manage your clients with a single platform that unifies all client & investment data, analytics, compliance monitoring and much more.

Empower your organization

A central portal to view and manage clients; from advisors and support agents, to compliance staff and finance teams.

Streamline workflows

Onboard a client in minutes, update their profile in seconds and much more. Through automation and process centralization teams can spend more time focusing on clients instead of manual and administrative tasks.

Create a holistic client view

Easily view client details, past meeting notes and a snapshot of their investments to enable meaningful client experiences.

Features to enhance
client management

A unified client view

View client data, add documents, review portfolio holdings, all in one place. Intuitive features that add a higher level of personalization to your service.

Manage accounts with ease

Do it all in one place. Open accounts, create client goals, perform suitability checks, transfer funds and manage client documents all with a few clicks.

Advanced reporting & performance tracking

Gain insights into individuals, households or groups of clients. Simply create custom analytics or use pre built reports within the portal.

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