OneVest Management Inc. is a registered Portfolio Manager in each of the provinces and territories of Canada and as an Investment Fund Manager in the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Quebec.

Assets in your OneVest accounts are held with various custodians, each registered as an investment dealer with the applicable securities regulators. All custodians are members of the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (“CIRO”) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

OneVest is a wholly-owned subsidiary of One Wealth Technologies Inc. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Investment Risk Disclosure

Your capital is at risk with any type of investment. The value of your portfolio can increase or decrease. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

An investment may be risky and may not be suitable for an investor's goals, objectives, and risk tolerance. The value of investments and the income derived from investments will fluctuate and can go down as well as up. A loss of principal may occur.

Investment Recommendation Disclosure

This information should not be relied upon as investment advice, research, or a recommendation by OneVest Management Inc. (“OneVest”) regarding (i) the Funds, (ii) the use or suitability of the model portfolios or (iii) any security in particular.

Not a General Solicitation/Inducement to Purchase Disclosure

This information is not an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument in any jurisdiction, nor is it a commitment by OneVest or any of its affiliates (collectively “OneVest”) to enter into any transaction referenced herein. All information provided by OneVest herein is indicative, is based on certain assumptions and current market conditions and is subject to change without notice. Accordingly, no reliance should be placed on the information herein. In deciding whether to enter into any transaction or strategy referenced herein, the recipient should rely solely on the final documentation, which will contain the definitive terms and conditions relating to any referenced transaction or strategy.

Statistics Disclosure

The information has been drawn from sources believed to be reliable.

Financial, Legal, Tax, and Investment Advice Disclosure

OneVest does not provide legal or tax advice and we encourage you to consult your own lawyer, accountant, or other advisors before making an investment.

Portfolio Target Allocations Disclosure

Portfolio target allocations are subject to change at the discretion of OneVest’s portfolio managers. Target allocations may differ slightly from what appears in client accounts due to periodic market fluctuations.

Exchange Traded Funds (“ETF”) Disclosure

The price movement of an index-based ETF may not track the underlying index and may result in a loss. ETFs may trade at a price below their net asset value (also known as a discount). All regulated investment companies are obliged to distribute portfolio gains to shareholders.

Hypothetical/Simulated Data Disclosure

The information has been provided for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon by you in evaluating the merits of investing in any securities or strategies mentioned herein. This data is hypothetical and the performance does not represent actual returns. All data shown is reported in Canadian dollars and reported gross of OneVest’s discretionary management fees, but net of any management expense ratios (MERs) of underlying funds. The interpretation of these results should take into consideration the limitations inherent in the results of the model. Actual client portfolio returns may differ due to fees, rebalancing frequencies, as well as the timing of deposits and withdrawals.