Elevate your client experience

Enhance engagement by offering your clients the seamless, transparent and exceptional service they deserve.

Designed for digital

Developed with the best journey in mind to remove pain points, increase engagement, and empower your clients.

Make your memorable experience

Embed digital experience into your existing client journey’s be tailoring them to your unique business needs.

Get to market fast

Deliver an incredible experience in weeks, not years, with our low to no-code setup.

Features for an exceptional
client experience

Onboard in minutes

Enable clients to open an account in an instant. Gather Know Your Customer (KYC) information, verify identities and fund accounts with a fully-digital experience.


The client experience makes it easier for investors to manage their wealth. They can setup their own accounts, manage goals, transfer funds and sign documents.

Real time information

Give clients access to their balance, performance and holdings at anytime. View historical trends and data or access tax documents and statements.

Three ways to get started

White-label apps

Designed with the best client experience in mind to minimize investing pain points, increase transparency and maximize investing returns.

Embedded Widgets

Customize your user journeys, key interactions by choosing to either theme OneVest’s white-label application or build your own experience using our flexible API.

Wealth API

Deliver an incredible experience in weeks not years with our low to no code setup.

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