How We Hire

People first

We approach interviews as a conversation between you and our team. We're here to get to know you and everyone is happy to open up about our experiences, too!

Team on the patio

Application review

Our hiring managers review all incoming applications for suitability. Depending on the role, we may review applications on an ongoing basis.

At this stage, successful applicants:

  • Have included a cover letter or some type of note explaining why they're interested in joining the team
  • Even without experience, mention why they're interested in finance, fintech, or SaaS products

Getting to know you

If your application was successful, we'll schedule an interview; normally within the next week. Interviews can be in-person, or virtual - depending on where you and the hiring manager both are.

Interviews go both ways: we're eager to get to know you, and encourage you to ask us any questions you have about us!

  • The first interview is typically a phone screen with a member of our recruitment team or the hiring manager
  • After a successful interview, we'll usually schedule another; this time with a team member from the team you'll be on, and/or another member of the leadership team

Show, don't tell

For certain roles, we'll ask you to complete a practical exercise.

We respect your time and keep these exercises brief, straightforward, and directly-related to what you'd be working on day-to-day.

These are typically reviewed by the hiring manager and/or your team lead.


We're typically ready to make a decision within a few days of assessing all candidates at this stage.

If successful, you should expect to hear from our recruitment team with an exciting offer!

If we've decided to move ahead with another candidate, we'll provide you with feedback on your application process. We also welcome any feedback you may have on your experience.

You're hired! 🎉

Congratulations! You're joining the team and are set to start your first day. The team is here to make sure you're off to a great start:

  • Throughout your first week, you'll meet with each team lead to better understand how their teams work together and how you'll work with them
  • You'll complete compliance and regulatory training videos and quizzes
  • Your manager will work with you to setup regular check-ins to make sure you have all the resources you need
  • You'll quickly integrate with your team into regular meetings, ongoing and new projects, and hit the ground running!

What's next?

What you'll cover
Onboarding starts before you join! Make sure you get plenty of rest and are ready to transition into your new role.
You'll focus on meeting the teams and get oriented with all our tools, processes, and people you'll work with. Depending on timing and location, you'll likely be invited to a social to get to know your team outside of stand-ups and check-ins.
You'll get more familiar with the historical context of what's happened in your team, and be able to speak more confidently about the ins and outs of the product as it relates to your role.
You'll have started working alongside existing processes, and have made your own contributions to projects!

Frequently-Asked Questions

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