Financial Planners

Go Beyond Financial Planning 

Create a better wealth management experience.

Modernize your offering with a tailored wealth management platform that lets you streamline your business by outsourcing what you need to.

Wealth Management
Made Easier

A modular platform

OneVest was built to be modular, so it can fill gaps in your current processes. Whether you need a full-suite solution, or a specific element, OneVest can provide it.

Next-level personalization

Financial advisors can create the exact experience they want for each client segment, or right down to the individual client, without needing to know code. OneVest’s white-label client and advisor portals are completely configurable, so you can tailor it to exactly what you need; from functionality to branding.

A better onboarding experience

Save countless hours onboarding new clients with an intuitive digital experience that reduces the need for back and forth on paperwork.