Dealers & Custodians

A Better Wealth Management Platform Partner

Give portfolio managers and advisors the perfect digital platform that seamlessly integrates into your infrastructure and book of record.

Help get your clients up and running with a wealth management platform that delivers personalized advisor and client experiences. Empower your clients and staff to focus on what matters most by removing or automating administrative and manual steps.

Empower Portfolio Managers & Advisors

End-to-end automation

Seamlessly integrate your custodial and execution services with your portfolio manager and advisor clients. Move from emails, spreadsheets, and error-prone manual processes to API integrations that automate every step.

A modular platform

OneVest was built to be modular, so it can fill gaps in your clients’ current processes. Whether they need a full-suite solution, or a specific element, OneVest can provide it.

Infinitely scalable

OneVest's platform grows with your business. Service all of your customers, no matter how many, with an amazing, yet simple wealth management experience.