Banks & Credit Unions

Bring Your Financial Institution into the Future

Deliver a more modern wealth management experience.

Modernize your institution's approach to wealth management to attract and retain investors, improve efficiency, and cut costs. Embed wealth into your digital offering, and reduce administrative tasks so advisors can focus more on client interactions.

Optimize Your Wealth Management Experience

Modular flexibility

Tailor your wealth management experience by integrating the components you need, such as onboarding or client portal, into your existing systems. Or, if you need an end-to-end wealth management solution, OneVest can provide it.

A tailored digital presence

Build intuitive client interfaces and personalized dashboards to ensure that every digital interaction feels as attentive as face-to-face meetings.

Rapid launch with minimal effort

Deploy a range of wealth management tools, from turnkey solutions to fully bespoke configurations, with minimal downtime and maximum impact.

Custodian & dealer integration

Seamlessly integrate your custodian and execution broker of choice. Move from emails, spreadsheets, and error-prone manual processes, to API integrations that automate every step.