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"Working at OneVest has allowed me to grow within my new career while applying knowledge from my former career."

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Product & Technology

Ifeoma Idoko

Software Developer

What career & life path led you to working at OneVest?

I lived in Nigeria, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom before moving to Canada. When I got to Canada, I spent 6 years building a wealth management career in Calgary. Before OneVest, I was a Chartered Investment Manager working as a wealth management advisor, supporting individuals and small businesses with the creation and management of financial estates. During the pandemic, I pivoted my career into tech. Working at OneVest has allowed me to grow within my new career while applying knowledge from my former career.

What do you do at OneVest?

I am one of the Software Developers at OneVest. You can find me creating, maintaining, testing, and debugging components and features on the back-end. I also work on some front-end features, collaborate with our finance, compliance, and product teams, and take lead on projects as needed. Anything I can do to help bring our amazing products to fruition while learning and growing.

What is your favourite part about working at OneVest?

I am surrounded by happy people with amazing brains! Our co-founders are very passionate individuals who don’t fall short on integrity but, are also great at what they do. Our team leads are empathetic with brilliant minds and always available to mentor no matter how silly a question might seem. The rest of the team is so welcoming and really passionate about their work. I love the challenges that come with working at a startup because I am always learning something new. I am happy I get to do this in the environment that OneVest has built.

What do you do outside of work?

When I’m not working I love yoga in the park, gardening, and documentaries on the science of the human mind and behavior.

What's your go-to-karaoke song?

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