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"From day one, I saw how incredible people are, helpful, caring, and truly experts in what they do."

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Product & Technology

Isabel Vieira

Product Designer

What career & life path led you to working at OneVest?

I was born in a small city in Brazil called Itu, where my favourite toy was a Super Nintendo. That started my interest in technology and led me to study Web and Graphic Design. First, I worked in advertising agencies, building websites for clients. But I always wanted to know what could be improved on those projects, so I became a Product Designer, working in different companies. Then a wish to Design for different cultures grew in me, and OneVest was the company that helped me achieve that.

What do you do at OneVest?

I'm responsible for the Design here at OneVest. I take care of our users' experience within the product, aligning business objectives with user necessities while building unique features that are easy to use and beautiful to look at. Here people understand and value the importance of Product Design, trusting me and giving me the autonomy I need.

What is your favourite part about working at OneVest?

OneVest is a company where I feel important and can be myself, regardless of anything. I never felt ashamed of being me because everybody embraces diversity here. From day one, I saw how incredible people are, helpful, caring, and truly experts in what they do. And I see everyone doing their best to build a product they are proud of, inspiring me to be better every day.

What do you do outside of work?

Outside work, I mentor junior designers and lead an English project at Ladies that UX Brazil. Besides that, I'm a huge nerd, so most of the things I like are sci-fi, heroes, technology, and fantasy. I'm into gaming, especially RPGs, and I love collectibles; I'm a proud owner of more than 300 action figures, mainly Funko Pop.

What's your go-to-karaoke song?

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

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