asset management

From advanced portfolio construction methods to creation of new innovative investment products, OneVest is modernizing asset management.

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Investing with OneVest

Our strategy is straightforward: aim for better returns with less risk. How? Through thoughtful active management and broader diversification, including the use of alternative investments.

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Curated Portfolios

We go beyond typical off-the-shelf products and offer a suite of core and speciality portfolios across all risk profiles.

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Unparalleled Diversification

Our global portfolios are powered by asset classes and investment strategies beyond just traditional stocks and bonds.

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Alternative Investments

No matter the risk level or goal: we integrate alternative investment products to benefit all portfolios.

Active Management

Navigating financial markets requires skill, time, and a lot of resources. We spend our time doing the research so that investors can sit back and reap the rewards.

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Powered by professionals

Many portfolio managers rely solely on low-cost index funds because frankly - it’s less work for them. OneVest is backed by a team of experienced institutional investment professionals.

Access the power of alternative investments

Normally reserved only for institutional and high-net-worth investors;
OneVest includes alternatives in every portfolio.

The allocation of alternative investment products can vary depending on your risk level.
OneVest can help find the right risk level for you.

Private markets

Popular with institutional investors like pension funds, private markets open up a whole other world of opportunities.

Digital assets

Digital objects (such as cryptocurrencies) that come with rights of ownership and use, while being stored on a blockchain.

Real assets

Investing in tangible assets which generate income, protect against inflation, and have low correlation to stocks and bonds.

Long/short strategies

Often used by hedge funds, these aim to profit from stocks going both up or down.

Market-neutral strategies

Aims to consistently make modest profits regardless of whether markets are up or down.

Event-driven strategies

An opportunistic strategy that seeks to profit when major corporate events occur.