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Whether you are an investor seeking to build your portfolio with potentially high-return investment opportunities, or an entrepreneur seeking capital or resources to help build your team, the Onevest Ecosystem can help.


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Build your own venture portfolio free of management fees, carried interest or transaction fees.

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You are in charge of the timing of your investments.

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You are in charge of the allocation of your capital.

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You reap all the rewards of your investment.

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You get access to a community of entrepreneurs and investors.


Building a business is complex. Leverage us to help raise capital and build out your team.

Find Your Co-Founder is one of the largest online communities focused on helping entrepreneurs find the right co-founders, advisors, experts and interns to build lasting relationships and accelerate new business formation.

Find a Co-Founder

Build Your Team

Our team-building process has both an online and offline component. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build stronger teams faster, thus creating more successful startups, and ultimately, more jobs.

Build Your Team

Find An Advisor helps entrepreneurs arm themselves with the right business advisors that have industry expertise in an area that is relevant to their business. Knowledge is power and experience goes a long way.

Find An Advisor

Raise Capital

1000 Angels, the invite-only digital first venture investing community, is dedicated to working with some of the most talented founders at an early-stage to raise capital for their businesses. Our process is free of charge and seamless, aiding founders to get back to what matters the most, which is growing the business.

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